Moving to the next phase

Study on audience development – How to place audiences at the centre of cultural organisations” is moving to the next phase. Evaluation process of submitted 87 case studies is now finalised.

30 stories from 17 EU countries were selected for in depth-analysis. We are glad to have sectoral and country diversity presented in the final study. Interviews with selected organisations are now on-going and will last till the end of August 2016. Stay tuned for more to come!


Why this study?

We believe that no change in cultural participation can be provided unless cultural organisations rethink themselves. Unless they engage in some sort of change –little or huge, immediate or steady. We know that it is not a static process: it evolves over time.

We believe this is not an easy job: when audience becomes the key element towards which this shift has to be made, the work to do is even more challenging and difficult.

We believe this is not a simple statement.

We all know, as cultural practitioners, that Audience Development is not about adding one new skill to the current work, but it is about revising our own role keeping a simple question in mind: what do we want to provoke, evoke, create out there?

Yes, it requires skills and competences. It also requires a strong vision. Do you know where it gets even more complicated? When we realise that one size does not fit all.

This is why we are collecting stories and experiences from all over Europe.

This is why we are going around Europe to talk with cultural professionals and policy maker and listen to their point of view.

With our study, and inevitably including your voice, we are helping to reshape the EU understanding on what it takes to be effective in going towards this direction.

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