How can I participate in the study?

Download the form here, fill it out and upload it on the website (here).

Where do I find the form?

You can download the form here here

I’ve filled out the form, now what do I have to do?

Go to this page here, and upload your form. Before uploading you are asked to answer a few questions (it will take max 5 minutes).

I uploaded the form but I didn’t receive any confirmation

After your submission you should receive a confirmation email. If you haven’t received a confirmation email whithin 12 hour, email us at mail@engageaudiences.eu

What is the deadline for submitting the form?

The deadline is April 15th 2016

My organisation has more than 50 employees, can we participate in the study?

No, this study is devoted to explore how small and medium sized organisations have adapted to an audience oriented focus. Nevertheless, if your organisation fits this definition, we will be glad to receive your candidacy: even though it probably won’t be included in the depth analysis it will function as a valuable source of knowledge for the working group and included in the final report.

We do some AD project but we don’t have any employee committed exclusively to AD. Can we participate?

The aim of the study is to analyse organisations strongly focused on AD work to learn how they managed the shift towards an audience centred approach. It’s common that organisations initiate projects focusing on audience development, but for being suitable for this study the organisation must have a function or a person mainly devoted to AD.
We encourage you to submit even though you are uncertain whether or not your organisation meets these requirements. We will evaluate if your organisation is suitable for the purpose of this study.

How will you use the information that we provide you?

The work group will analyse all the submitted proposals and will identify which better fit the purpose of the study. If you have been selected for the in depth analysis, we will get in touch with you by email to arrange for an interview. Please note that even if your organisation won’t be further analysed for the study you may be mentioned in the final report. In any case, your contribution will give us a valuable support to better understand the way cultural organisations tackle the Audience Development challenge at a European level.

How do I know if my organisation has been selected for the in depth analysis?

If your organisation meets the requirement for the present study, we will email you by the end of April 2016 to confirm your participation in the second step of the study. One of our researchers will then contact you directly to arrange for an interview.

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